How to participate in Inflow-Crypto Club ICO pool investments

Participate in successful ICO’s (Initial Coin Offering). Use our investing pool to invest in PRIVATE and PRE-SALE stages of the projects and get bigger bonuses. Read more about investing pool here.

Step 1

Register for FREE Inflow-Crypto Club membership and gain access to ICC platform.


Step 2

Click on ICC pools tab and start 1-time KYC/AML procedure.

Step 3

After you submit your KYC/AML form we need up to 24h to process your application. During that time, please remain patient. You will receive access to the ICC pools tab as soon as we confirm your identification. In case of any issues, we will contact you!

What’s the purpose of this?

  • To comply with general legal conditions of anti-money laundering, terrorist financing prevention, and tax avoidance.
  • To prepare for future ICO regulation and security-compliant ICOs.
  • To establish a much safer ground for both organizers as well as serious ICO investors than current Telegram environment, where we are subjected to fake accounts, phishing scams, FUD-sters, and sabotagers.
  • To ensure an environment that is limited to serious investors without spam and constant distractions.
  • To ensure successful future of pooling.

Please be aware that in the future, pools that continue to operate without KYC are at best in the gray zone regarding anti-money laundering, terrorist financing prevention, and tax avoidance rules.

There is no way a serious and regulatory compliant ICO will give allocations to pools that operate in the gray zone.

The KYC process will be short & simple, and you will only be required to do it once for all Inflow-Crypto pools. You will receive a personal unique ID code that you can use in every pool investment in the future.

We are taking security measures for the KYC data to comply with GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). No data will be passed to ICOs. In case this will be required by the project management, we will inform you before the pool opens and you will be able to decide on participating.

Step 4

After you gain access to ICC pools tab, feel free to join in on the conversation.

You can find all currently pools and past pooling statistics below the chat room.

Step 1

Click on the provided Smart Contract link for the Pool.

Step 2

Enter your Ethereum PUBLIC ADDRESS for which you own the Private Key.


We strongly recommend MyEtherWallet (MEW) or MetaMask.

Click on “Submit”.

Step 3

Now you are on the Smart Contracts dashboard. Here you can see various information.

For example:

  • Your previous ETH contributions to the pool (My Contribution)
  • Is the pool still open or closed? (Status)
  • The maximum size of the pool (Max Allocation)
  • Whether there is one ETH limit per pool participant (max per contribution)
  • What is the minimum amount in ETH to participate in the pool (min per contribution)
  • Under “My Transactions” you can see your previous transactions to the pool.

You can invest as often as you want. With the button “Contribute Ether” you can now participate in the pool. You can also withdraw you investment at any time!

Step 4

Now you may enter the ETH that you want to contribute and click “SUBMIT”.

Step 5

There are two options:

  • (Recommended): You click on the link “MyEtherWallet Pre-filled”. This will open a new browser tab and MyEtherWallet (MEW) will open. After logging in, the lower information.

(Address, Amount, Gas Limit and Data) will be filled in automatically in the next step.

  • You go manually to MyEtherWallet (MEW) and log in. After logging in you have to enter manually all necessary information (address, amount, gas limit and data)

Step 6

You now log in with your favorite method (Json File + Password or Metamask or Privatekey).

After logging in, all relevant information is automatically entered (or you have to enter it manually from step 5). Check again if everything was entered correctly and, if necessary, adjust your GWEI again manually (this is right above “GWEI”).

If everything fits, click on “Generate Transaction” and confirm the transaction again in the next window – image 3).

Step 7

Now you are done. Once the transaction has been confirmed, you can go back to your dashboard (step 3) and there you should see your pool contribution.

You can now also repeat the process again and generate a second transaction.

If you want to log in later, simply follow the Pool Link again (step 1) and in step 2 you will be the previously entered ETH address. So you can always check your status.

Manual pools will usually be used for extra rare and small allocations where there are fewer investors but with more significant investments. These allocations will be offered first to our partners and members that have shown a large degree of participation in the past. Manual pools will also be used when an ICO project raises funds in other currency than ETH.

The process is the same as with all pools; the only difference is that you have to make a manual transaction from your wallet to the provided pool (in the denominated cryptocurrency, usually ETH or BTC) address.

All necessary info for the transaction will always be provided in pool info sheet.

Usually, you will have to create a wallet X from the project X so that we can manually transfer tokens to your wallet after token distribution.

If you are interested but need more information, feel free to write to us on

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