Inflow-Crypto Club Wave strategy

Scalping/swing trading hybrid

Inflow-Crypto wave strategy

Proprietary developed, cutting-edge, scalping/swing trading hybrid ICC WAVE strategy.

This approach, developed in 2015 has been proven across different financial markets. Bringing together the best of both worlds for a risk-averse person with a tendency to look for minimal drawdown and a person with high-risk tolerance that is more oriented to maximize the profits.

This trading system doesn’t only follow the trend but allow you to get in the trend changes early, have very limited risk while being open for a home run on the upside.

After the first few months of testing and having great results we never looked back.

In combination with our risk and money management, you now have the perfect set of tools for making money as a trader.



  • Custom developed¬† for ICC Wave strategy
  • Simple and easy way to determine the best buy/sell market conditions
  • Indicates when the is indecision and you should stay out of the market

ICC WAVE strategy is part of our ICC Wave trading which includes

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