Inflow-Crypto Club
Platform 2.0

Trading recommendations, investment signals & alerts, strategies, portfolio builder, rebalancing tool, library with educational material are just some of the features that are part of ICC Platform.

Inflow-Crypto platform

ICC platform 2.0 features

  • All the latest news from relevant sources in one place
  • Market analysis & overview to help you keep perspective
  • Our basic trading strategies explained in detail
  • Money management strategy to scale small account
    (from $200 to $10.000 in six months)
  • See exactly what and how we are doing with full portfolio disclosure
  • ICC coin evaluation model to easily rank coins by relevant criteria
  • ICC portfolio builder with easy to use portfolio rebalancing tool
  • Community support to answer all of your questions
  • Library full of educational & other useful material to expand your knowledge
  • Advanced ICC WAVE strategy explained in detail and with examples
  • Regular DSA (double your small account) challenges
  • Which ICOs (initial coin offering) have the best profit potential
  • Real-time investment recommendations for long-term portfolio
  • E-mail and chat box support to answer all of your questions
  • Live trading room with professional trader
  • Access to new beta functions when available
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