Double your small account (DSA) challenge

Increase your win rate and success as a trader in general.

Inflow-Crypto double your account

DSA challenges


  • Our head trader sets regular “DSA” (double a small account) challenges
  • We use our ICC WAVE strategy and aggressive money & risk management rules (and leverage)
  • It mostly only take about 2 months to complete the DSA challenge
  • In a live trading room, we coach our members to do the same
  • Even if you don’t adopt this type of trading approach, the knowledge learned will undoubtedly increase your win rate and success as a trader in general



If you start with a $1000 account and risk 10% ($100) of equity on one trade, you are starting with a buffer of 10 losses in a row before you bust your account. With a strategy like ICC WAVE that produces around 66% win rate (you win 6,6 times on 10 trades) with a risk/reward of minimum 1:2, you can quickly compound your winnings to DSA goal and much further if you want and have the stomach to bear it.

If you maintain this average statistic you only need 1 profitable trade per week, taking into account a few losses here and there and the fact that you will be trading more than once per week, conservatively put, you can do the DSA every two months.

What’s the catch?


The key to this challenge is small account size relative to the size of your total portfolio.
For us, a suitable size is no more than $10.000. For your money, you must make that call for yourself.


The answer lies in traders psychological attributes.

While trading aggressively and exposing to larger account swings we must remain in the frame of our psychological stability. If leaving the frame of this stability, you lose your rationality and you get yourself in trouble. Large numbers can throw most people off very quickly. For some that limit is 1k, for others is 100k.

DSA challenge is part of our live trading room coaching,
limited to ICC Wave trading package

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