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Long-term and short-term crypto picks


We share exactly which tokens we buy for long-term hold and which tokens we flip for short-term.

You will get a live notification on ICC Mobile app the minute opportunity presents itself.

All trades are transparently documented inside our membership platform.

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ICO Investing pool


Participate in successful ICO’s (Initial Coin Offering). Use our investing pool to invest in PRIVATE and PRE-SALE stages of the projects and get bigger bonuses.

As a club member, you will be able to participate with lower fees.

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You can now access Top crypto news, our long and short-term crypto picks, Daily Technical Analysis and ICO Economics from the palm of your hand and get notified immediately when a new post/event/trading setup occurs.

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ICC platform 2.0 features


  • All the latest news from relevant sources in one place
  • Market analysis & overview to help you keep perspective
  • Our basic trading strategies explained in detail
  • See exactly what and how we are doing with full portfolio disclosure
  • ICC coin evaluation model to easily rank coins by relevant criteria
  • ICC portfolio builder with easy to use portfolio rebalancing tool
  • Community support to answer all of your questions
  • A library full of educational & other useful material to expand your knowledge
  • Access to all pdf files described in detail below
Inflow-Crypto platform
ICC coin evaluation method

Helps you pick the right coins for your portfolio.

3 benchmarks of investment allocations

Calculated optimum based on past results and average user investment characteristics.

ICO evaluation approach

How to pick an ICO that will return insane 1000% long-term profit.

Cryptocurrency arbitrage strategy

How to overcome obstacles and make arbitrage strategy successful.

Shotgun trading strategy

Short term strategy for small-cap coins.

Aggresive money management

How to scale your small account FAST! $200 to $10.000 in six months.

Winning trading psychology

90% of all traders fail. A winning mindset is something you can learn!

+ All future updates

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