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Inflow-Crypto Club is a one-stop shop for cryptocurrency investments.

Along with expert opinions we provide basic and advanced short-term trading and long-term investment strategies, organized ICO (Initial Coin Offering) investment pools, helpful and fun community, and a ton of useful crypto related resources.

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What we offer

Inflow-Crypto community


Discuss ideas, latest news, and developments in the crypto-world with other crypto enthusiasts.

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Inflow-Crypto premium membership

Trading & investment

Our trades and investments, transparent, real-time in the trading room and on your mobile app.

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Inflow-Crypto investing pool

ICO investing pool

Participate in organized pool investing on selected ICOs to get bigger discounts.

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Inflow-Crypto individual coaching

Coaching 1:1

Get your personal session, guidance and our advanced strategy coaching from an experienced trader.

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Follow our latest blog posts, receive trading signals and long-term investment recommendations.

Tips on what/when to buy/sell in the palm of your hand.

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